Established in 1999, Guangdong Chen, Liang & Co. is a partnership law firm focused on providing civil and commercial legal advises.

Pursuant to Law of the People's Republic of China on Lawyers, our law firm has the privilege to represent domestic and foreign clients to deal with legal affairs in all administrative regions under the jurisdictions the PRC law.

The law office’s main practice scopes include but not limit to: Dispute Resolutions, Business Affairs, Real Estate Development, Constructions, Infrastructure Development and Constructions, Financial Legal Affairs, and Intellectual Property. We have specific corresponding attorneys to deal with above-mentioned legal field for our clients’ various requests.

We deeply believe, do well in risk-control can also create value for the entity. One could not be specialized without concentration, and one would not lead the industry unless he or she is a professional on certain aspects. Among the above-mentioned specifications, our law office particularly focuses on providing lawful opinions to complex commercial legal services based on risk management.

Guangdong Chen, Liang & Co. adopts the service mode which introduces the clients at a time and takes care of the issues by comprehensive aspects. Concretely speaking, specific professionals will be arranged to dock and follow clients’ litigations, arbitrations, and non-litigation affairs. On the other hand, perennial legal counsel systems are established for daily sporadic legal affairs, butting the legal professional works normality; introducing the clienteles by relatively specific queue to our law office, handing the legal problems to the most suitable employees for enhancing the trustors’ benefits as we can, and response the legal possibilities effectively.

To the inner control, this law firm adapts company managing mode in order to assemble resources efficiently, relies on the concept and technology of “lien management”, forwards process control to the entire law office services, and satisfies the clients’ requirements properly, along with excellent price-quality ratios and immediacies.

Confronting numerous and complicated social surroundings, as well as increasingly complex legal service techniques, the core value and business philosophy we depend on commands and directs our legal practice; not only guarantees the professional charters and service qualities of the group members, but also leads the law firm to achieve our visions.

We keep the faith in favourable professional integrity should be the beginning and foundation of every practice activity. Adequate professional competence and the willingness to stand our clients’ essential interests ought to be the mainline of occupational actions.

The law firm insists on deeming our colleagues, clienteles, and interest-relaters as cooperation partners in a win-win situation. We are confident that growing up together with the cooperation partners can support them acquire more successful market occupancy, better strategies and business environment, which also helps our firm materialize the vision, along with a better growth to law firm individuals’ career paths .

We are going to release more information and service innovation by multi-form. Please visit the official website for latest notice.

A concise and determined value framework, a group of partners with decades’ experiences, an efficient organized system have business processes run smoothly. Not only highly-spoken reputations and working experiences our firm and the partners have after many years’ social services, but also extensive connections with professional organizations and specialists groups at home and abroad leads our law office meet clients’ satisfactions perfectably.


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